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..:: Dark Prisma Records Label Party - 22/07/2006 @Culto Club - Blast! Magagazine [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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..:: Dark Prisma Records Label Party - 22/07/2006 @Culto Club [Jul. 3rd, 2006|06:01 pm]
Blast! Magazine


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..:: M e t r o p o l i s


..:: Dark Prisma Rec.





22/07/2006 - 22:00

@ Culto Club - Cacilhas


MEGALOPSY (Dark Psy - Argentina)

FRANTIC NOISE (Dark Psy - Argentina)

DJ sets:

DJ de_profundiis (Metropolis)

DJ Filter

Release party para "The Nordland Orchestra", o album de estreia de FRANTIC NOISE

Dark Prisma Shop com CDs e merchandising.


É com grande prazer que apresento o próximo evento da Metropolis a ter lugar no já habitual Culto Club (http://www.cultoclub.com).

Será feita uma label party ao cargo da DARK PRISMA RECORDS onde poderemos ver actuações dos projectos MEGALOPSY e FRANTIC NOISE, ambos editados por esta label argentina.

Teremos inclusive dj sets ao cargo dos djs de_profundiis (metropolis) e filter (dark prisma).

A DARK PRISMA vai ter venda de CDs e outra merchandise no local.

Segue abaixo mais informação sobre a label e os projectos.

Podem adquirir ingressos para o evento no Culto Club a partir de 08/07 ou então respondendo a este mail para saberem outras formas de os adquirirem directamente a nós próprios.

Esperamos ter-vos a todos na nossa festa, para mais uma noite repleta de ritmo e euforia.




Dark Prisma is born from the concept of a prism, multiplying the signal which is received, refracting light in all directions. We always felt psychedelic trance was about joining different inputs of energy and multiply them, getting unexpected results and exploring sound in infinite ways.

After the scene grew around Latin American and more artists started to appear, our mission became more clear. Our label is born from the need of releasing innovative and fresh psychedelic trance, focusing on the developing scene in Argentina and Latin America and giving our perspective of whats psychedelic to the whole world.

Dark Prisma was founded by Megalopsy members z1P and Filter. z1P was always looking for ways to promote upcoming artists in projects such as Makumba Project and recently Thirld World Tracks, playing with Megalopsy and now preparing for his solo project Frantic Noise, he was always there to promote new music and new artists. Filter has also dedicated a lot of his time in developing the scene in Argentina, with his site Psytrance.com.ar, his parties were he brough international artists such as Infected Mushroom and Vibrasphere and playing as a dj and live with Megalopsy in several events in Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina.

Our releases will be dedicated to the music from this unknow territories, fresh and brand new psychedelic trance that will surprise listeners all around the world and give a new hope to the scene, which is not falling apart only changing everyday and bursting with new artists, djs and dancers.



Megalopsy is Matias Benamo alias z1p and Nicolas Di Bernardo alias Filter, a live act from Argentina dedicated to the dark and intense side of psychedelic trance. With influences from grunge, industrial and metal, Megalopsy has a powerful style easy to recognize in their productions and live performances. After their debut album, The Abstract Machine, released by Trishula Records, they have opened their way in the local and international scene, proving the potential of the Latin American and Argentinian psychedelic trance.



Frantic Noise is the project of z1P from Megalopsy, delivering us his debut album under the name The Nordland Orchestra, where he combined his solo explorations, with collaborations with local artists Pragmatix and Collapse and mexican artist Audiopathik and a new track with Filter from Megalopsy.

"The Nordland Orchestra" cd tells the story of the dark and magic Nordland universe and its Orchestra, composed by 10 entites, represented in the tracks, travelling through the obscure corridors of the cosmos and our minds, taking the listeners to a intense and deep trip, facing demons, celebrating life and exploring different dimensions of sound.

With rolling basslines, frantic melodies and deep atmospheres, The Nordland Orchestra is a proof of what Dark Prisma Records plans for the future, night time music, psychedelic and intense but always keeping it groovy and fun.